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Parents of Elkenny McKay

Elkenny McKay is supposed to have come to the U.S. by 1725 from Scotland but there is no record of his ancestors. There is recent speculation that possibly Elkenny McKay didn’t emigrate from Scotland but was born in the Boston area and was the son (or more likely grandson) of Alexander McKay who was a Royalist soldier captured at Worcester and transported from Gravesend to Boston on the John and Sarah on May 13, 1652.
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Parents of William Stevens

The Stevens paternal line ends with any certainty at William Stevens (1799-1857). Family lore says he was born in Glasgow Scotland and emigrated to the U.S. through North Carolina in 1820. The truth, though, seems to be that William was born in the United States and there is currently no valid information about his parentage. An 1850 Census report shows him as having been born in Virginia in 1798. According to the Mormon (LDS) database, he was born in Ohio in 1807. But according to the 1900 census report, his son Francis said that his father was born in Scotland (a contradiction from what he reported in the 1880 census when he said his father was born in Ohio). It has been speculated that William Stevens is not a Stevens at all, but instead, he (or an earlier relative) changed the name from Stewart (or Stuart) to escape persecution. An even more radical theory that I have been exploring through DNA is that William’s father was not a Stevens at all, but instead from the Allison family.
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Parents of Abraham Coon (1785-1873)

Not Asa Coon and Judith Stillman
Parents of Catherine Robertson (born Jones)

Born in 1794 Shenandoah Valley, Botetourt, Virginia. Died in Glasgow, Barren, Kentucky after 1860. Her son's obituary says "His mother was a lady of one of the most prominent families of her name in Kentucky."
Parents of Marian Rouse

Her parents are likely not George Rouse and Barbara Weaver but ancestors of George such as James Sweet and Mary Sherman do show a likely DNA match in
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Parents of Sarah Meeker (1754-1794)

Not David Meeker and Hannah Hill who have a daughter Sarah Meeker born 1753 in Fairfield, CT
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 Mystery Photos

Not James Wilson

This photo is supposed to be James Wislon, father of Louise (Wilson) Stevens, but doubtful since James Wilson is listed as having died in 1866 at 35 years old.
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