Stevens Distant Relatives

The following relatives are not direct ancestors but are more distant relatives (i.e., directly related to our direct ancestors but not directly related to us).

If you are in the Stevens familiy tree you can find out how you are related to any of these people by:

  • typing their name in the Search to the left,
  • if you get more than one name click on the one you want,
  • click on the Relationship tab above their personal information, that will be Person 1
  • Next to the Calculate button is a link to "Search for other connections". Click on that link
  • A new search opens and you choose Person 2. If you are in the family tree, you can find yourself by clicking on the Find button and entering your name
  • If you are not in the family tree, find someone who is and is closely related to you. Click on the "Find" button and type in their name
  • click on "Calculate" button.

This will show all the ways that these two are related including through spouses (i.e., not blood relations)

Note: You can also find more direct connections to ancestors that you are directly related to by using the Relationship tab and following the same instructions as above

Distant Relatives

Winston Churchill
U.S. Presidents:
Old West Figures:
Literary figures: