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Welcome to the McKay/Stevens Family Tree Narrative and Database

This page describes how to navigate the information on this site. There are many other options not described here that you can explore after you master the basics of getting around .

A basic rule to follow is if you want to get back to where you were, just click on the return (left arrow) on your browser until you're back where you want to be. If you want to start over at the first (home) page click on the Home button at the far left of the beige bar above.

If you are not logged in, you will not see information about living people. If you want to access that information, please register for a user account (click at bottom of left column and make request)

General layout

To keep the ancestry straight, I’ve designated four main divisions and a home page for each: Stevens, Petersen, McKay and Freeman. They can be accessed from the navigation column on the left (e.g., The McKay Pages). Further division of the families can be found on those home pages by scrolling down the page or connecting to the links on the right hand side of each page.

As an example let's start with the McKay home page (by the way, all underlined text is a hyperlink to take you to a new page). At the top of each page is the main family on that page (in this case McKay) that includes all the other families on that page related to the McKays. If you click on McKay, you are taken to a fan chart that shows all the ancestors of the McKay family starting with Clarence David McKay. Each name on that chart is a McKay ancestor and each can be clicked on to see their individual data. Whenever you click on a hyperlink you can always retrace your steps by hitting the back arrow to take you back where you started.

Let’s go back to the McKay home page. Under each family name is a brief description of the family. Under that on this page is a gallery of McKay family photos. Then there is a family description specific to those in the McKay direct line (either a McKay or married to one). Then there will be a description of each family member in turn starting with the most recent. In this case there is a narration of David McKay's life followed by his father, then his grandfather, etc. The spouses' lives are recounted under their surname. Follow the link of Juanita Freeman to see her life story and those of her Freeman ancestors. The description of the family line continues until there is no more documented information about that family or we get to the first ancestor in that line that arrived in America 9in some cases there is information about their European ancestors as well.

Also on each page in the right-hand-column is a table of the extended family. In the case of the McKay home page, all of the families related to the McKays are listed there. Clicking on any of the family names will take you to a description of that family organized just like the McKay family. So clicking on the Jordan family link, for instance, will take you to a different page that includes that family and others related to the Jordan branch of the McKays.

You will see certain formatting that designates special information. If the text is highlighted in green that indicates information about when that person emigrated from Europe to America. If the text is highlighted in yellow that indicates that this person is a "Notable Ancestor" and if you follow that link, you will get more detailed information about them.

A finger image

There are many other hyperlinks (underlined words) that will take you to information about individual people, to more detailed descriptions of topics like history, and generally will connect you to related material. When you hold the cursor over a hyperlink you will see thes figure on the right.

Remember, if you get lost, you can always get back to the home page by clicking on the Home button just below the McKay/Stevens Genealogy title.

An Important Caveat: The connections in the family tree are tentative. As I get more information, false connections are cut and new ones formed. Some of the family lines are not well documented and subject to later revision.

Continued in column 2...

TNG Genealogy

There are really two distinct parts, the narrative described in the column on the left, and the data about the individuals in the family tree. The database behind this web site is based on The Next Generation (TNG) of Genealogy software.

Details of navigating TNG

To try out exploring the data in the family tree, type the name Elkenny in the First Name Search function on the top of the left hand column of the screen and McKay in the Last Name box. then click on the Search button. Elkenny Alexander McKay shows on the main page. The individual tab with details about Elkenny shows up first. The top section are his personal details. Then his parents below that and his family below that. Under family is his wife, Abigail Rood, followed by his offspring. Clicking on their names takes you to their individual pages.

Below that are any Notes about Elkenny. This also includes a link to the McKay page that has Elkenny's narrative history.

An Event Map shows where key events in Elkenny’s life have taken place.

Below that are links to Documents and Histories about Elkenny and Photos related to his life. For example, the picture of the sailing ship with the word “Immigrant” below it indicates this person immigrated to America.

Then the Sources of information about him are at the bottom.

Back up at the top are the tabs that will take you to other information related to Elkenny.

The Individual Tab

Described above

The Ancestors Tab

The second tab is Ancestors and the first page is another standard family tree page. In Elkenny's case the parents are unknown. The default is 4 generations but that can be expanded to up to 8 generations. There are many other options here for viewing ancestors. Besides the Standard family tree there are Vertical, Compact (less information), Box (more information), Text (all categories), Ahnentafel (generational text), Fan Chart (4 to 8 generation fan), and Media (those in this tree with at least one photo, history or other media item). There is also the option to generate a PDF file of the tree. Example

 The Descendants Tab

The next tab is Descendants and like the Ancestors tab there is a choice of 4 to 12 generations (the default is 4 generations) and a Standard, Compact or Text presentation of the family tree. Example

The Connections Tab

This will calculate and display the relationship between two people in the tree. First search for person number one (e.g., Type John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the search boxes). For Person Number 2 click on "Find another person" and the enter their name (e.g., Clarence David McKay, TNG enters the ID of the person). The relationship between the two people will be shown. Note this function can take a while if the relationship is complex.

Timeline Tab

Show the key events in the individual’s life on a timeline and events that took place in world history at the same time. Example

The Family Tab

The Family Tab opens to a traditional one generation family tree showing Elkenny, his parents (in this case unknown), his wife, her parents, and Elkenny and Abigail’s children. Each is a link that will take you to their individual information. Click on the Go Back (left) arrow on your browser to return to Elkenny’s individual page. Example

Experiment with other names from the family tree. Here are some interesting ancestors that you can start with: