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Petersen family 1898 Hammond, Indiana

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One discovery of this research was just how important the Indiana story was in the family history on both sides. The following map shows how many ancestors migrated to Indiana since the early 1800s.

Color code: Yellow = Stevens side, No color = McKay side

The maps below show the European origins (as determined by DNA testing) of the McKay and Stevens families. Click on map for enlarged version.

McKay Ancestry
Stevens Ancestry

Maps of McKay and Stevens European ancestry[1]

Family Links

feature 1 Stevens

The Stevens family line is quite diverse with German/Jewish, Scots-Irish, and English roots. This family includes Stevens, Brown, Wilson, McGee, Lehman, Pessels, Dalmbert and Hart families and their descendants.

feature 2 McKay

The McKay family has always thought of themselves as Scottish but in truth have more English and German heritage. This family includes McKay and Deary (both with a mix of Scots and English ancestors), Scramlin (mostly German) and the (mostly English) Ford, Howard and Sackett families.

feature 3 Petersen

The Petersen family is pure Danish but much more mixed ancestry on the Roberts side. This family includes Petersen and Christiansen (Danish), Roberts (Irish) and Francis (mostly English like the Daniels and Keep families but also the Dutch Mills family).

feature 4 Freeman

The Freeman family is the branch with the strongest Southern connection. The Freeman family and the Barron/Barnes family have English roots. The Ratliff family is also English. The Scots-Irish Jordan family married into the German Schmidlapps.

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[1] DNA origin maps

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